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At Mangosteen Queen we only sell 100% delicious USDA Organic Certified Mangosteen
At Mangosteen Queen we only sell 100% delicious USDA Organic Certified Mangosteen Juice!

Mangosteen Queen Juice is from 100 percent Certified Organic pure Southeast Asian Garcinia Mangostana L. whole fruit.

We do not sell mangosteen juice that is diluted, other cost reduced non-pure mangosteen proprietary formulas, nor reconstitutes (mangosteen mixed with other juices and preservatives). We sell only premium mangosteen whole fruit juice.
Mangosteen Queen is now available in a 32 fluid ounce size. Contains no added sugar, coloring, or preservatives... just pure and natural 100% mangosteen juice. The mangosteen juice from Mangosteen Queen is made from whole mangosteen fruits, pasteurized for your safety, and bottled in a container designed to maintain freshness & resist tampering.
**Individual bottles or per case ( qty-6) at $23.95 each bottle for small orders. Shipping not included. **
If you are interested in becoming a Mangosteen Queen Distributor, we are currently seeking individuals or entities to market locally or worldwide. Please inquire via written correspondence or email.
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We stand by our Mangosteen Fruit Juice product and we offer a full refund of your money if for whatever reason you are not satisfied*.
****One 32 fl.oz. 100 percent Mangosteen Juice is regularly priced at $39.95, buy it now at a special price of only $20.50 each when you buy at a 1/2 pallet minimum (360 bottles)****
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Pure 100% mangosteen juice comes in this type of bottle

Try our 32 fl.oz. USDA Organic Certified Pure Mangosteen Juice risk FREE*!!!

Click here or anywhere on the Mangosteen Queen bottle to make a purchase. Only $20.50 each when you buy at wholesale, 1/2 pallet minimum (360 bottles).
$23.95 each when sold individually. BOOST your Immune System.
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Mangosteen Juice Sale!!! Help prevent the Flu. Rights Reserved.
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100% Mangosteen Juice at
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** these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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